Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time To Go (Cont)

Some argue that if all the three are pushed out of the team now itself at a time, India will become new West Indies losing even to Zimbabwe. They argue that Indian spectators may also lose interest in the sport if crowd pullers like these dont play, especially in the longer format. And this is especially bad when there is a perception that test format is fast losing popularity.

These are very much true. No one can attain the crowd pulling capacity of Sachin, and it takes time for the youngsters to reach the level of Dravid, Laxman. So only way out is Laxman should go first, Dravid second, Sachin third, all three with in one or one-and-half years.

If I am not wrong, India's next foreign tour will be in next year. That should be good news for old-timers if they are planning to retire on a high by scoring tons on flat tracks. That should be bad news for Indian cricket if they plan to stick around by scoring heavily on flat tracks.

Young guns should be given opportunities to play on these flat tracks and build confidence that they too can score. Meanwhile BCCI should prepare bowling pitches in at the least 2 regular test stadiums so that these perfect their technique. By the next overseas test tour, they should at the least be able to put up decent performances if not match winning ones. Even if we get defeated we can at least say that we are building our teams!!!

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