Monday, February 20, 2012

IAS test series: GS, Essay, History, Public Adm - 1

Writing mock tests is an important part of the preparation for civil services mains exam. You can get feedback on what you write, rectify the mistakes, improve your writing skills. Writing mock tests prepares you to face the actual exam, write all the answers in the exam within stipulated time.

Unfortunately many coaching centers in Delhi cheat the students who attend the test series offered by them. The answer sheets of the students are not evaluated properly, the questions given in the mock tests are not of the standard of the actual questions given in the mains. The fees they take are ridiculously high, ever increasing year after year.

These greedy coaching institutes admit hundreds of students in their test series courses. So they don't find enough time to evaluate the answer sheets.

For example Sunil Gupta of Inspiration offered test series in which hundreds of bakras used to join even a year back. Me too was one of those bakras. He never used to evaluate the answer sheets properly. He just used to scribble something on the answer sheet to give an impression to the student that he has actually read it and evaluated it which he never does (we verified that empirically). He used to take care that what he writes cant be read as that may give away that he didn't read the answers. He was a lazy pig who used to repeat the same question papers for different batches in different years. Our batch in 2009 was given same question papers which were given to batches in 2007, 2008 with only the changes in the question numbers.

Puri of VisionIAS also didn't have time to evaluate last year. He admitted some 400-500 students. He evaluated only one or two answer sheets per student out of 15 (15 mock tests). May be remaining answer sheets were sold to raddi-walas of Rajendra Nagar.

Pawan didn't offer a test series in 2011 as he felt that he couldn't evaluate the answer sheets because of lack of time.  Instead, he offered a course for improving the writing skills under some name. It had 6 or 7 classes. At the end of the course he conducted 2 tests. He didn't even have time to evaluate those papers. Some of us had to be persistent to get our answer sheets evaluated. I had to go to him thrice for getting my copy evaluated, had to kind of persuade him. Even then he evaluated only 4 questions. Even those questions, he didn't read properly, just glanced at them for less than 10 seconds. I was thoroughly disappointed with this. We had lot of hopes about him actually. He promised many things but he didn't live up to his promises.

Mohanty of Synergy Institute is another lazy bug in this business. This time he had put some efforts to evaluate the answer sheets. He was not directly involved in the evaluation but he recruited some to that work for him. But what is the use if they evaluate instead of him. It was as good as your friends evaluating your answers. And there was no guarantee that they were actually reading the answers while evaluating.

That is the story of PA test series. Picture in other subjects is not much different.


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  1. Thanks for the informative tip. I'm an ias exam prelims aspirant and being enrolled in I was looking for similar information. but all the questions are evaluated.