Saturday, February 4, 2012

IAS Coaching Centers: Public Administration (Cont)

Other famous PA coaching centers in Delhi are Pawan Kumar's institute, Bhavani's institute which is NIAS if I am not wrong, Sunil Gupta's institute which is Inspiration. Other one who is on the rise is Puri who teaches in Vision IAS if I am not wrong.

First of all, about Sunil Gupta's Inspiration. Believe me, he is the worst teacher you can come across ever. I happened to attend 2 of his classes. He cant speak even one proper sentence in English. I don't expect him to speak grammatically correct English which I admit that I cant do. But he is completely incomprehensible, can't communicate anything properly. We cant make out what he is mumbling. Here I am not even complaining about his Bihari accent, which I actually like. He uses his some refrain once in every 15 or 20 seconds, which fortunately I don't remember. Once in a while we may make out what he is saying only to realize that what he is saying is bullshit. His class notes is full of bullshit. Even though I didn't fortunately see his printed notes, safely we can say that even that is bullshit.

I will write about his famed test series in later posts. Don't miss it.

Don't fall for his publicity which unfortunately many does. You will repent later.

Next comes Bhavani Singh's NIAS. He takes up classes in Hindi and English, I am talking about his classes in English here. I met three persons who attended his classes and all of them gave scathing feedback. Absolutely nothing comes from his notes, his teaching is largely irrelevant to UPSC requirements. Most of the time students don't understand what he is teaching. His notes is crap.

My friends says that strength of the class rapidly declines as the course progresses. By the end of first 2 months of the course, less than 10 people attend his classes. This happens with every batch. You can understand that he is incapable of sustaining any interest in the students.

Pawan Kumar and Puri, in next post.

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