Saturday, February 4, 2012

IAS Coaching Centers: CSAT

Last year CSAT was introduced and that opened flood gates for many new coaching centers. Irony is that all these measures of UPSC to introduce changes in the pattern of the exam are aimed at eliminating the coaching centers. But introduction of CSAT frightened many students. Many didn't give attempt as they thought it was better to get a feel of the difficulty of the question paper first. Coaching centers made a killing from their fear.

Coaching center people were expecting questions of slightly lesser standard than CAT. They taught keeping in mind this level of difficulty. But the questions which were actually asked were of still lesser standard. Except a few questions of comprehension, every question was so easy that most of the people ended up scoring around 130-140 marks out of 200 with some people scoring as high as 180 marks.

I wrote mock tests of Vajiram, ALS, Sriram, TIME, Career Launcher put together around 20. Of all the question papers, I found TIME's question papers some what closer to the difficulty level of questions asked by UPSC but still on the higher side. I never used to complete the mock question papers of TIME within time but I completed the UPSC question paper within 1 hour 40 or so. Paper was that easy.

My suggestion is please don't join any coaching center for CSAT. Just give mock tests. You can get the photocopy of the mock question papers in the market. Don't give more than 100 hours or 150 hours of your time for preparing for CSAT. It's not worth more than that. Buy a good CSAT manual and practice only from that book.

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