Saturday, February 4, 2012

IAS Coaching: Public Admin - Puri and Pawan

These two achieved lot of name in the last two years because of their test series. Promotion by top rankers like Anay Dwivedi helped Pawan a lot. I happened to attend one of Pawan's course  which he called as quality enrichment programme. I am not sure about the name though.

Pawan used to teach at Sriram 3 years back. Some of his students didn't like his teaching and they complained to Sriram. Something happened and his courses were removed from the curriculum and he was forgotten. After 1 year or so I heard from Anay Dwivedi that someone by the name Pawan offers test series and he was immensely helped by the test series. Honestly speaking, I didn't think that this Pawan and the Pawan I know were the same.

Pawan is not money minded which is rare among the coaching breed of Delhi. He is always available to the students at a phone call. These are the 2 best things I observed. But in my opinion this very same advantage is working against him. He is not able to manage the time properly. Instead of wasting time in explaining the silly doubts to idiots who come to him after the class, he should concentrate on test series which originally brought him the name.

Coming to the teaching, he makes every thing simple, teaches in simple language which every one can understand. But one problem is he rushes through the things a lot. For someone who read the things once that may be okay but for a beginner that is a big hurdle. So beginners be careful before joining his coaching. He actually tries to correlate the current events with static part, which I found good. That, some what makes our life simple.

I will write about his test series (whatever name he calls it) later which I found not worth.

Puri also became famous because of test series. From what I heard is that he is not good in paper 1 but very good in paper 2. That means that he is good at the dynamic part of the syllabus and he correlates the current affairs with static part well which is good news. His teaching is more information oriented than concept oriented, i.e. he focuses more on delivering lot of information.

I will talk about his test series later.

My suggestion would be don't join any coaching and study yourself. But if you are itching to join one then follow this. If you are a beginner with absolutely no knowledge of the subject then the preference order shall be Mohanty, Puri, Pawan. If you have some knowledge, then the order shall be Pawan, Puri. No Mohanty in this list. Vajiram etc are out of picture as far as Public Administration coaching is concerned.

And avoid Bhavani Singh, Sunil Gupta at all costs.


  1. As already nicely summed up,i concur with the idea of doing public ad fact pub ad should be chosen only if you have certain flare for writing.reading books for paper 1 n news papers as per 2nd paper syllabus along with writing a lot helps a not fall for vajiram n sunil gupta.pawan good for veterans...puri..only test series..not class will suffice.

  2. Thanks for the information. Really very helpful for me

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the Review.
    Could you pls share more about Pawan sir's Coaching class? Every one knows about his Test series, but there is hardly any Reviews on how he Teaches.
    Positive thing about Pawan is:
    it seems, He takes Personal Care (Because of less class Strength), than any other well Established Coaching institiute.

    1. Whether to take Coaching from Established centres like Synergy or VajiRam and then take test series from Pawan sir-- whats ur thought?

    1. Sorry friend, I wasnt able to reply to you immediately. I already wrote on these issues, Pawan's teaching style etc. Regarding your dilemma.....if you have decided to take coaching, and if you are a beginner, then join Mohanty. If you r not a beginner, then you can join Pawan.

  4. Hi sir...could you suggest anyone for paper 1 among Mohanty,pawan,puri..?
    I only have interest for joining paper1.

  5. Hi sir...could you suggest anyone for paper 1 among Mohanty,pawan,puri..?
    I only have interest for joining paper1.