Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dhoni Should Retire From Tests

In my opinion Dhoni is the most overrated captain ever. He was only lucky to get breaks even with his stupid decisions. When the team was performing well everyone used to unduly praise him. Now that he lost his midas touch and the team is losing many are criticizing him and showing him his right place.

Going by his form in the last year in tests, he doesn't deserve a place in the test team at all. Even before that, he always performed in fits and starts. He was lucky to captain a good team with all the batsmen in their prime. That made people not to talk about his failures as batsman.

When there were news reports which mentioned that he is planning to retire from tests (which he didnt directly say), I was happy. But going by the latest reports he has no such plans. My happiness is preempted.

Honestly speaking he should go and pass captaincy to Sehwag or Gambhir.

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