Saturday, July 28, 2012

One More Time!

UPSC CSP - 2012 results are out and yet again I am through. Prelims is the only exam I have been performing well consistently since my first attempt. It is not like Mains where your luck and fate matters more than your merit. So even before I gave the exam, I knew that I would pass this easily, unless God wants to fuck me badly and prove that anything can happen if he wants. Moreover prelims is only the first and easiest hurdle to cross, most difficult being Mains. So there is nothing like feeling elated.

Some are saying 12876 have qualified, and some 13000 plus. I am too slothful to count. But what is special about this results is the day UPSC declared them. Today is Saturday and never ever UPSC released Civils results on Saturday. Everyone was cocksure that results wont be out today. That was till this afternoon. Someone called me in the afternoon and asked me whether I have qualified. I told him that results are not out yet. Then he informed me what UPSC is upto. UPSC has proved to the world once again that it is unpredictible and that nothing is sacrosanct.

Bye for today.

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