Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A few days back I was talking to a friend. In the middle of the conversation I asked him whether he associates gender to digits, numbers, alphabets, weekdays, months which I do. His immediate reaction was I have gone mad. When I told him that I also associate some relationships among the numbers, and among the alphabets, he almost convinced me that I have gone mad.

Later that day, I searched in the web about this "disorder", and to my relief I found that there are many like me who associate gender with the numbers. This neurological condition is called Synesthesia in general and Ordinal linguistic personification in particular.

The gender I associate with the digits, alphabets and weekdays is as follows.

0 - very old women, alone
1 - old man around 60 years old
2 - old women, wife of 1
3 - daughter of 1 and 2
4 - son of 1 and 2
5 - short and stout man who tries to influence 4. not related to anyone.
6 - a middle-aged women
7 - a man married to 6
8 - a women around 30 years old.
9 - a man, somehow related to 8.

Male - A, D, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, N, P, R, T, U, V, X, Y, Z
Female - B, C, G, K, O, Q, S.

A, B are married middle-aged couple.
C, D are married old age couple.
E, F are grand sons of C, D. E is elder to F.
H is grand son of G.
I, K, L are grand children of J.
M, N, P are cousins. They harass the old woman O.
S harasses R and T.
U, V are brothers and middle-aged.
X, Y, Z are old men like the three wise of the bible.

Sunday - middle-aged women.
Monday - Young man.
Tuesday - middle-aged man.
Wednesday - Old man
Thursday - young man.
Friday - young man.
Saturday - middle-aged women.

I will research more on this synsthesia later.

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