Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tadipatri Temples (cont)

Chintala Venkata Ramana temple is located near Bugga temple, nearly quarter kilometer away.

This temple is also built by Gandikota Nayaks just like Bugga temple. But I dont know who exactly built them. There are some inscriptions but I couldnt read them. :-)

The temple and gopurams are rebuilt just like Bugga temple. And just like the rebuilt parts in the Bugga temple, these also look awkward (but to a lesser extent) over the beautiful lower structures of the temple which are still remaining.

The sculpture is as exquisite as the Bugga temple. There is not a square-inch of area remaining empty. Ramayana tale is carved over the walls.

But what caught my attention was the rock chariot which reminded me the famous rock chariot in Hampi. This one is not that beautiful but very nice.

I was thoroughly disappointed because of the lack of services of guides to guide us at both these temples. May be that is because these temples are living temples and not very famous outside my district. Archaeological department, tourism department should have at least placed description boards for our convenience but not even one such board is present at Chintala temple. Only two such boards are present at Bugga temple. Because of this I couldnt even know who built the Chintala temple.

Worst thing is we dont find much material on these temples even on the web. Concerned authorities should wake up atleast now and start publicizing the temples by publishing online material in their websites. Guide services needs to be provided  to all the visitors. Conservation efforts should be taken up to preserve this heritage which we should feel so proud of.

On the whole, Tadipatri temples are wonderful, I had a pleasant experience.

(I will write more on the architecture of these temples when time permits)

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