Thursday, January 26, 2012

Belum Caves

Belum Caves photos

Here is the link to the wiki page on Belum Caves. Everything you need to know is given there.

Because of my laziness, I always postponed visiting all the famous places in my district or near my district. Finally last month, shrugging off my laziness I started to Tadipatri from where Belum Caves are 30 KM away. After 2 hours of journey, I reached there.

There is a bigggg statue of Buddha, made of I-dont-know-what, on the way to the caves from the entrance. That was nice.

Caves are not fully explored and developed. Developmental work was still going on. In total the length of the corridors currently accessible to the visitors is around 3 KM. That 3 KM is enough in my opinion. At first, caves appear to be nice. But after 5 minutes every thing becomes repetitive, every cave appears to be same as the other. Even guides start saying same things over and over, this only reinforces the feeling of repetitiveness.

Inside the caves, fresh air is pumped by motors through holes in the caves. But when we went there, there was power cut and so I felt suffocated for sometime. Even after the power returned it became difficult for me to stay, I was already suffering from headache. After I came out of the caves, I felt relaxed.

AP Tourism department provides the services of guides for free to everyone. Not many tourists came on that day. Guides were saying that per day on an average 250-300 visit the caves. On peak days (holidays) numbers may go up to 700-800 it seems. There is a restaurant near the caves run by AP Tourism department if I am not wrong.

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