Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Delicious Delights

One of the things I miss about Kanpur is Baba Foods which is an eatery in Kanpur, near Parade. I came to know about it relatively lately, may be in my second year at IITK or in early third year, from one of my seniors. From then on I used to visit it regularly, at least once in a week on an average. It was some 13 or 14 kilometers away from IITK and if it was not for the arduous journey of one hour or so through the filthy and polluted Kanpur, I would have visited it more often to savour it's special dish Chicken Kaleji.

Not many varieties of dishes were served at Baba Foods, but whatever were served, they were delicious. Dishes which were on the menu included chicken kaleji, tandoori murgi, chicken biryani etc, first one being it's speciality. Till today I have never come across a dish made of liver which is as tasty as that dish. It used to be some what oily but that never mattered to me. That dish brought me to Baba Foods week after week, on an empty stomach. Nothing to write home about biryani, but tandoori murgi used to be good. I used to take two plates of kaleji, one plate of biryani, half tandoori murgi, one glass of lassi and my friend who was an athlete with larger apetite used to eat one biryani more than me. :-) When that pieces of kaleji or tandoori murgi goes in along with lassi, one forgets that arduous journey. Satisfaction worth ten times the money spent is guaranteed.

I am waiting to visit this place again since long. Dont know when I will get a chance again. :-)

Get the directions to Baba Foods HERE.

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