Thursday, March 1, 2012

Civil Services Mains 2011 Results

Finally the wait is over. Results are declared today. In total 2418 candidates are selected. And I am one of them. :-))))

As usual, there are some genuinely deserving candidates who aren't selected. They are knowledgeable, intelligent, hard working, have good writing skills, and more importantly they did well in the exams. I can understand what may be going through in their minds now. Friends, don't give up! UPSC may be unpredictable, it may test your character, this time you may not be lucky, but persistence may pay you finally.

Going by what I see, this time more veterans got selected than freshers. That was expected, as many of the people who got selected in prelims were freshers who were not good either in GS or optionals. They got through only because of the aptitude exam newly introduced in prelims. It was natural that they would funk in Mains.

After the results are out, we can estimate which optionals have high success ratio and which have low. That can't be said now.

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