Saturday, December 17, 2011


I was studying 12th class in a residential corporate college when this movie was released. Students were always confined to the classrooms and dormitory and were allowed to go out into the city only on alternative Sundays for 5 hours in the afternoon after writing the exam. Those days offered us a break from our daily routine of waking up at around 5 .30 AM and studying till 11 PM with little rest. So you can understand how eagerly we used to wait for those Sundays like prisoners do in the jails.

That week our chemistry lecturer recommended us to watch this a movie called Lagaan. Never before or never after, a lecturer recommended us any movie to watch. What was there in the movie which impressed him so much as to recommend it to us? We were very curious and very eager to watch this movie that Sunday.

My two roommates and me went to the movie theatre only to find huge crowds waiting at the gate ready to buy ticket when the counter opens.  To our surprise we saw one of girl classmates there whom we used to call Anaconda. You see, she too wanted to watch the movie because of the recommendation. We came to know that we could buy only one ticket each and so we realized that to get the tickets we have to run to the ticket counter immediately after the gate opens.

After more than 30 minutes of waiting at the gate, finally they opened the gate. My roommates managed to outrun others but not me. They got the tickets but not me. :-(

I came back to the dormitory felling very sad. Two weeks passed by listening to what the movie story is, how the whole theater enjoyed the movie etc. I firmly decided to watch the movie in any case next Sunday.


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